Founded by Bhishm Kedia, a Chemical Engineer from Purdue University, Chimique Phytokem is a dynamic startup on a mission to contribute to the global community. We proudly manufacture novel, clean label ingredients to meet the ever-growing demands of the Food & Beverages and Nutraceutical Sectors. Leveraging the diverse bio resources available in India and harnessing the power of biotechnology, we develop unique solutions that cater to the global market.

Our core product line includes Plant Protein, Dietary Fibre, Xanthan Gum, Plant Oligosaccharides and Locust Bean Gum Substitute. From meat analogues to beverages and confectionery, our versatile offerings are essential in many food formulations. Our dedicated team of scientists, specialists, and visionaries strive for progress and innovation, infusing expertise and passion into everything we do. Embrace the future of plant products with Chimique Phytokem and experience our commitment to excellence, integrity, and sustainability in serving global markets. Chimique Phytokem is one the leading plant protein manufacturers in India with its clientele spanning across the globe.


Chimique Phytokem aims for sustainable provision of high-quality, eco-friendly plant-based nutritional ingredients derived from natural raw materials to cater to global demand.


Chimique Phytokem is dedicated to meeting the escalating demands of the Food and Beverage sector in a sustainable, responsible, and vegan manner. With a growing global population, the food industry faces unprecedented challenges. Conventional methods such as industrial animal farming are resource intensive and contribute significantly to greenhouse emissions. By transitioning to plant-based food ingredients and nutrition, we have the power to alleviate the strain on natural resources.

At Chimique Phytokem, we strive to revolutionize plant ingredients, infusing them with excitement and allure. Our focus on innovation ensures improved functionality, enhancing product performance and elevating the potential of your formulations. Together, let’s embark on a journey to create a greener, more flavorful, and sustainable future.



Reliability is our commitment. With clear agreements, open communication, and unwavering transparency, we ensure the utmost trust in our products and services.


Embracing new insights and combining them with our expertise in plant-based ingredients, we drive innovation towards a more sustainable future.


Our products not only meet essential global food standards but also adhere to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001, HACCP, OHSAS and GMP, ensuring exceptional quality and safety.


Our products are cultivated in harmony with nature, following principles of soil and water conservation. Our vision is to pave the way for a sustainable future.

Vision in Practice

  • The plant-based ingredients by Chimique Phytokem are affordable and efficient.
  • ┬áThe ecological footprint of Chimique Phytokem is bare minimum.
  • The products are of high-quality and meet with global standards.
  • ┬áThe products are essentially supportive for human health in their different functionalities.