Xanthan gum has a significant presence in the petroleum industry, offering superior performance in viscosity, thickening, salt resistance, and contamination resistance compared to other polymers. Its effectiveness is particularly remarkable in challenging well drilling conditions such as offshore, coastal, high salinity layers, and permafrost layers. Xanthan gum plays a crucial role in sludge treatment, completion fluid, and tertiary oil recovery, contributing to accelerated drilling speed, well integrity, oil and gas field protection, blowout prevention, and substantial enhancement of oil recovery rates. As an ideal additive, xanthan gum holds promising prospects for further development in this industry.

  • Drilling Industry

    Xanthan gum plays a crucial role in the drilling industry, specifically in drilling fluid. As a main component of drilling fluid, xanthan gum adds viscosity and shearing force, enhancing the suspending power of the fluid. This is vital for the effective functioning of the drilling fluid, making it an essential component in the drilling process.

  • Oil Exploitation Industry

    Xanthan gum is utilized in the oil exploitation industry due to its favorable properties such as viscosity, rheological behavior, water-solubility, chemical stability, and mechanical degradation resistance. It serves as a displacing agent in oilfield exploitation, where various polymers are used for mobility control. Xanthan gum stands out as a highly promising agent with significant potential for improving oil recovery rates, meeting essential requirements in this field.