Chimique® Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein

Chimique® Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HVP Powder) utilizes the inherent qualities of Non-GMO crops abundantly cultivated in India. This remarkable product is derived from a range of crops including guar, chickpeas, rice and soy, which thrive in the fertile Indian soil. Employing advanced extraction and hydrolyzation techniques, Chimique Phytokem has successfully harnessed the immense potential of these proteins, resulting in the formation of smaller peptides that can be readily digested by the human body.


  • Smaller Protein Fragments
  • Higher Bioavailability
  • Enhanced Digestibility
  • Improved Functional Properties
  • Enhanced Solubility
  • Balanced Amino Acid Profile
  • Traceability from Source to Shelf
  • Support for Muscle and Weight Management


Guar (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba) is a nutrient-rich Non-GMO Crop cultivated in India’s rainfed and arid regions. Harvested during the summer season, the guar seed’s germ is a protein powerhouse, boasting a complete profile of essential amino acids. Through extraction and hydrolyzation processes, Chimique Phytokem has harnessed the protein’s potential, with smaller peptides that are easily digestible by the human body. Our hydrolyzed guar protein is available in an isolate form, exceeding 90% on a dry basis, ensuring a potent and versatile nutritional solution.


Chimique® Hydrolyzed Rice Protein is derived from the abundant rice crop in India. Rice, a staple in Indian agriculture, serves as an excellent protein source for human consumption after starch extraction. Chimique Phytokem has harnessed the full potential of rice protein, providing a complete profile of essential amino acids that are crucial for optimal health. Our hydrolyzed rice protein is a sought-after ingredient in food supplements, aiding in muscle recovery and development post-exercise. Additionally, it has been linked to potential benefits in fat loss. The potency of Chimique® Soluble Rice Protein boasts a concentration exceeding 50% on a dry basis, and unlock a world of nutritional possibilities.


Chimique® Hydrolyzed Soy Protein is the renowned source of health foods, drinks, and milk fortification. Harnessing the potential of soy protein, our hydrolyzed soy protein serves as a versatile ingredient, enhancing protein concentration in health foods and fortifying milk and nutraceutical supplements. With exceptional absorption into the human system, it offers a viable alternative to meat and milk proteins, catering to diverse dietary preferences. Discover the benefits of Chimique® Soluble Soy Protein, boasting a concentration exceeding 90% on a dry basis, and embrace optimal nutrition.


Chimique® Protein Blend Hydrolysates are crafted from high quality guar, soy, and rice proteins. With exceptional absorption capabilities, our blend is perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, and those seeking a high-concentration protein diet. Experience the benefits of Chimique® Hydrolyzed Protein Blend, available at over 75% concentration on a dry basis, and fuel your performance and nutrition goals.