CHIMIQUE® WATER-SOLUBLE DIETARY FIBRE (CWSDF) is derived from partially hydrolyzed guar gum, a water-soluble carbohydrate extracted from Non-GMO guar seeds. Our CWSDF (Dietary Fibre Powder) undergoes a controlled enzymatic process, resulting in a tasteless, odorless, and completely soluble dietary fibre. While it remains invisible in your product, it enhances health benefits and improves functionality in various food and beverage applications. Chimique Phytokem is one of pioneering dietary fibre manufacturers in India. Discover the transformative potential of this natural, non-viscous fibre that seamlessly integrates into your formulations.


  • High fibre content with exceptional stability in pH, heat, and freeze/thaw conditions.
  • Clinically proven to lower glycaemic index, enhance mineral absorption, and support digestive health, including relief from IBS symptoms.
  • Seamlessly blends into a wide range of foods and beverages without altering taste, color, texture, or aroma.
  • Effortlessly increase your daily fibre intake by incorporating CWSDF into your favorite foods and beverages, ensuring your body receives the essential dietary fibre it craves beyond what most diets provide.


  • Digestive Health
    Alleviates constipation and provides diarrhoea control, offering relief from IBS and IBD symptoms.
  • Gut Health
    Supports a healthy gut by acting as a prebiotic, enhancing immunity, promoting short-chain fatty acids, maintaining gut integrity, and reducing putrefactive products.
  • Diabetes & Weight management
    Aids in diabetes and weight management by lowering the glycaemic index, reducing sugar-related risks, and providing satiety.


  • Replaces fat and improves moisture retention in baked goods.
  • Boosts fibre content without altering the organoleptic properties in foods and beverages.
  • Extends the shelf life of cereals and adds body to juices, soups, yogurt, and dairy-based drinks.
  • Extends the “bowl life” of cereal.
  • Controls crystallization and ice-crystal formation in glucose syrups and frozen dairy products.
  • Improves texture in pasta, yogurt, entrees, breakfast cereals, meal replacements, and dairy-based beverages.
  • Stabilizes colloidal systems in meal replacements and nutraceuticals.
  • Adds bulk and serves as toppings for high-fat nuts.
  • Stabilizes foam systems in shakes and meal replacements.
  • Adds bulk in food applications.
  • Enhances moisture retention in pasta and entrees.
  • Prevents starch dispersion in boiled rice.


Food and beverage manufacturers are advised to label CWSDF as “Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum” on their ingredient statement. In the nutritional information, it should be categorized as “Dietary Fibre” and can be further specified as “Soluble Fibre.”