Derive the benefits of Locust Bean gum without the high cost. Introducing Modified Guar Gum, a cutting-edge innovation that replicates the properties and characteristics of Locust Bean gum while offering cost stability.

  • Ice Cream/ Dairy Products:
    Enhances the smooth and creamy texture of dairy products while preventing ice crystal formation and quick melting in ice creams.
  • Bakery Products:
    Improves texture, moisture retention and shelf life in baked goods, soups and gravies.
  • Pet Food:
    Acts as a viscosifier in pet food, soups, and gravies.
  • Noodles:
    Enhances sheet formation and improves texture in noodles.
  • Beverages:
    Serves as a thickener, providing a pleasant mouthfeel in juices, beverages and health drinks.
Modified Guar Gum
Locust Bean Gum
1% Viscosity
2000-3000 CPS
3000 CPS
Gel formation using Kappa Carrageenan
Synergistic action with Xanthan Gum

Discover the perfect alternative to Locust Bean gum with Modified Guar Gum. Get the same performance, quality, and health benefits at a fraction of the price.


  • Low cost & stable supply chain.
  • Synergistic gel formation with Xanthan & Kappa Carrageenan.
  • It forms viscous solutions when dispersed in water, providing thickening and stabilising effects in food products.
  • It acts as a binder and emulsifier, enhancing the texture and mouthfeel of processed foods.
  • In the food industry, Locust Bean Gum Substitute finds extensive use as a natural additive, it contributes to improved texture, moisture retention, and shelf life extension in dairy products.
  • The dietary fibre in Locust Bean Gum Substitute support healthy gut bacteria and may contribute to the prevention of colon cancer.
  • The soluble fibre present in Locust Bean Gum Substitute can contribute to reducing cholesterol levels, thereby supporting heart health.


Frozen Desserts:

  • Ice Cream, Ice Pops & Soft Serve Ice Cream

Sauce & Dressing:

  • Sweet Chilli Sauce, Tonkatsu Sauce & French Dressing

For Vegan:

  • Coconut Ice Cream & Egg-Free Mayo


  • Processed Cheese & Spreads